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Hosting an Update Retriever Repository in an Azure Blob

When it comes to managing a centralized Update Retriever repository, challenges arise with widely distributed environments.  This is where leveraging a cloud storage solution can bring value.

I thought this post may be helpful for anyone piloting a "modern" way of updating their Think products.  This walk-through assumes the following tools are in place:
Update RetrieverThinInstaller on the clientAzure Blob Container (a free trial account with an included 5gb limit is what I used here). I won't cover creating the Storage account or Blob, just the process of uploading the Update Retriever content to the Blob container and how to configure the ThinInstaller Configuration XML on the client. Note though, the Container access level should be set to Blob (anonymous read access for blobs only).

Populating the UR Repo

First, you'll need to download any new updates to your local machine or network share.  Currently, you can only point the UR repository location to a local driv…

Differences between Lenovo Patch and SCUP or SCCM 3rd Party Updates

Recently we've been getting questions regarding the difference between Lenovo Patch for SCCM and the 3rd party catalog subscription feature of SCUP and now SCCM.  This post will outline the main differences and similarities between these implementations.

Content One of the main advantages of Lenovo Patch is the fact that it includes a giant catalog of third party application patches.  The vast majority of these software providers will not be providing their own third-party patch catalogs for use with SCUP and SCCM.
Otherwise, the Lenovo content in Lenovo Patch is the same content that would be available through SCUP by subscribing to our Lenovo Updates Catalog.  Keep in mind that there are several technical restrictions on how updates are performed when deployed through WSUS.  So not all updates can be included in the catalog and we continue to work to reduce the number of exceptions.

With SCCM 1806 a new feature to subscribe to third party catalogs directly from the console was …