Lenovo Commercial Deployment Readiness Team

Our Mission

At Lenovo we know that deploying large quantities of Windows PCs into an enterprise environment can be challenging.  The goal of the Commercial Deployment Readiness Team is to make deployments of our Think products as easy as possible for our commercial customers.  This page will describe some of the things we are doing to accomplish this.

Think Deploy Resource Center

With a broad portfolio of products to support and the related content that goes with them, it can be a difficult task to identify where to find resources when help is needed.  The website is designed to improve the ease of use and customer experience to expedite the search for the content a customer needs.  Specifically related to deploying and configuring our Think products, we have put together the Think Deploy Resource Center as a landing page aimed specifically at the IT administrators that are tasked with deploying large numbers of our Windows PC products into their environment. 

Enterprise Client Management Forum

The Commercial Deployment Readiness Team maintains working SCCM and MDT lab environments so we can recreate customer issues that we receive through our Enterprise Client Management Forum.  This forum is targeted again to those IT admins that are deploying and managing many Lenovo PCs.  This is often the quickest way to get an answer to deployment questions.  Our team monitors this forum daily and we also have some great members that offer answers and insights as well.