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Manage Lenovo Vantage for Enterprise with Intune

A previous post on Configuring Vantage with Intune walked through deploying a PowerShell script to customize specific features in the Vantage interface.

This post will build off Managing System Update with Intune and focus on ingesting the Vantage ADMX file and creating custom OMA-URI policies.  This solution is to provide a modern approach to what's currently offered in the application and deployment guide for Vantage found here.
Contained in the zip is a .reg file that will disable consumer features in the Vantage interface that aren't exactly necessary for Enterprise devices.  A snippet from the .reg file below.
;This reg file is generated by disabling the following policy settings in Administrative Templates -> Lenovo Vantage;1. Lenovo ID WelcomPage;2. Preferences;3. Messaging Preferences;4. Device Refresh;5. Welcome Page;6. Location Tracking;7. Anonymous Usage Statistics (Entire Feature);8. Anonymous Usage Statistics (Allow User Configuration);9. Anonymous Usag…