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Upgrading TPM Spec 1.2 to 2.0 on ThinkPad using ConfigMgr Current Branch [Updated May 2019]

Now that your Windows 7 to 10 migration is complete, you may want to upgrade the TPM Spec version from 1.2 to 2.0 to take full advantage of Windows 10's security features, like Device Guard and Credential Guard.

This can be accomplished with the ThinkPad Setup Settings Capture/Playback Utility (SRSetupWin).  There's actually two separate utilities, with one supporting a broader range of models so take note of the supported systems sections.  Here's a link to both:
There are caveats when using this tool.  A supervisor password must be present on the system and the TPM must be cleared prior to converting, which will require physical presence.  That means a tech will have to touch each box.  If you're ok with these requirements and wish to proceed, keep on reading.
Note: Supervisor passwords cannot be set initially in an automated way.
First, create a Package in your console afte…