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Deploying ThinkPad BIOS Updates With Intune

This walk-through will cover deploying ThinkPad BIOS updates with Intune.  As you're aware, these are provided as standalone executables so adding these as a Win32 client app will involve converting them to the .intunewin format using the Win32 App Packaging Tool

App Conversion
Create a working folder where the Win32 App Packaging Tool and BIOS packages will reside.  Download the latest BIOS for your model system and save it to the working folder.  In a PowerShell or Command Prompt, run the IntuneWinAppUtil.exe and follow the prompts to:
Specify the source folder - This is the location where the BIOS package downloaded from the web is saved.Setup File - The BIOS package file name, i.e. r0suj16w.exeOutput folder - Location where the converted app will drop.   Once this information is entered, you will see the tool validate the package parameters, encrypt the content, and generate the detection XML file.  You'll now have a new file in the .intunewin format, which will need to be…