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Lenovo's Ready to Provision (RTP) Preload: How to Install the ConfigMgr Client using a Provisioning Package

As part of the transition to modern management for Windows PC's, Lenovo has been offering custom, clean preloads for business class products.  This can be an alternative to maintaining custom images in-house while also staying current with Windows 10.

Lenovo's Ready-To-Provision custom preload (RTP), includes:
 Only the operating system and essential drivers. Reduced inbox apps (approximately 25 removed) No third-party software More efficient with INF-only drivers If you're currently managing your Windows PC's with SCCM but are looking to offload image maintenance, Lenovo's RTP custom preload may be an option worth looking into.  It is simply an option you can add to a custom model.  Consult your Lenovo sales rep for more details.

Example Workflow
Provisioning package (.ppkg) is created using Windows Configuration Designer (WCD) that will:
Join the system to the on-premise domainSuppress OOBE promptsCalls a script to install the ConfigMgr client (and other t…