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Updating Thunderbolt Software and Firmware with Microsoft Endpoint ConfigMgr

[Updated April 17, 2020: Updated repository to include latest updates. To get just the updated repository, download and unzip the zip file, then refresh your package content with the files from the \TP_TBT_TS-20200417\TP_TBT_TS_files\Thunderbolt Updates\repository folder. Remember to update your distribution points.] This post provides an alternative solution for deploying Thunderbolt software (driver), firmware, and BIOS updates to affected ThinkPads as described in this bulletin.  What makes this process difficult is the installation order in which these updates have to be applied.  The Thunderbolt driver and BIOS (not all models) are required to be installed first before the firmware can be updated, with a reboot in between.

To accomplish this task, a ConfigMgr sample Task Sequence has been developed with all necessary updates and provided as a zip which can be imported into your console.  The brains of the Task Sequence lies with the power of Thin Installer and two commands.  The…

System Update Suite and MEM: Part 1 Deploying the Apps

This blog post is part of a series of posts that will demonstrate ways of leveraging the System Update Suite of tools (Lenovo System Update, Thin Installer and Update Retriever) in a Microsoft Endpoint Manager - Configuration Manager environment.  This series will show how to deploy the applications to clients, how to configure clients to update on a scheduled basis, how to maintain and deploy a repository, and how to report results from clients.
Part 1:  Deploying the Apps The first step in deploying these tools to clients is creating an Application and Deployment Type in Configuration Manager which can be time consuming.  If you're thinking about piloting Lenovo System Update and/or Thin Installer in your enterprise, the below script can save time when it comes to performing this task.

What it does: Downloads the current version of System Update or Thin Installer from LenovoVerifies the installer is signed by Lenovo (can't be too careful)Creates a new Application in ConfigMgr…