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TPM Firmware Switch Tool for ThinkCentre

This could be deemed as a follow up to the previous post "Patching the IFX TPM vulnerability on Think Products with SCCM".

This post covers the TPM Firmware Switch Tool that was released to remedy the affected ThinkCentres described in the LEN-15552 Security Advisory.  Per the ReadMe, here's the list of systems and minimum BIOS versions required before the tool can be implemented:

These files are to be used with the following ThinkCentre products: M610:BIOS version M1AKT30A or above M910x:BIOS version M1AKT30A or above M710q:BIOS version M1AKT30A or above M910t/s:BIOS version M1AKT30A or above M910q :BIOS version M1AKT30A or above M710t/s, E75t/s:BIOS version M16KT47A or above M715t/s:BIOS version O2VKT82A or above Links to the BIOS versions can be found in the LEN-15552 matrix.

To summarize, the tool will update the TPM firmware to the latest version, whether it be TPM Spec 1.2 or 2.0.  It will also allow you to switch the TPM Spec version from 1.2 to 2.0 or vice versa i…