Tracking ThinInstaller Update History With ConfigMgr Current Branch

Due to customer feedback, Lenovo is introducing a couple of new features focused on tracking updates.  Traditionally, updates installed on the client were logged in the Updates_log<timestamp>.txt.

Admittedly, parsing through the log to find out which updates were skipped, installed, or failed is not that easy.  If you're deploying a task sequence to your Lenovo systems that runs ThinInstaller, you can only see if ThinInstaller runs or not.  How do you tell which updates installed without logging into each system and checking the logs?

A new switch can now be added to your ThinInstaller command line that will do the following upon execution:
Create a new Lenovo WMI namespace and Lenovo_Updates classAdds the following Properties to the ClassPackageID - Listed as Update ID in Update RetrieverTitle - Friendly name of the updateStatus - Possible values can be:NotApplicableAlreadyInstalledApplicableNotInstalledDownloadFailedInstallFailedInstallSuccessAdditionalInfo - Provides more…

Reporting BIOS Password States on Think Products with ConfigMgr Current Branch

There may be a need to run a report on your Think products to check which BIOS settings are enabled or disabled, or if there is even a BIOS supervisor password set.

This post will walk through creating a simple custom report in ConfigMgr that will display the following:
All Lenovo Think productsModel (Friendly Names)Computer Name BIOS VersionIs TPM Enabled?Is TPM Activated?Secure Boot StatusUEFI Enabled?BIOS Password(s) Set
Extending Hardware Inventory

First, you'll need to extend hardware inventory to collect these two Lenovo WMI classes.

Lenovo_Bios PasswordSettings

To make this a bit easier, there's a zip at the bottom of the page you can download that contains a MOF file you can import into your Default Client Settings that will add these classes.