Introducing Lenovo Deployment Assistant

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Lenovo Deployment Assistant (LDA) is a new offering targeted at Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (CM) administrators. This solution automates the tedious tasks of creating Application packages, Configuration Items, and Inventory Extensions for our various utilities used to patch and manage Lenovo PC's. With just a few clicks, you can direct LDA to accomplish in minutes what would normally take hours. And by running LDA on a regular basis, it will let you know when any of the Lenovo tools have been updated. 

The applications that are covered by LDA include:

  1. Commercial Vantage
  2. Lenovo System Update
  3. Thin Installer
  4. Dock Manager
  5. Lenovo Diagnostics
LDA completely automates the creation of the Application Package for the applications you select. You can even select to have a Configuration Item created for the application in case you would like to add that to one of your Baselines. The custom WMI classes that can be added to your Hardware Inventory include:
  1. Lenovo Updates History (requires System Update, Thin Installer or Commercial Vantage on the clients)
  2. Lenovo Warranty (requires Commercial Vantage on the clients)
  3. Lenovo Odometer Data (requires Commercial Vantage on the clients)
  4. Dock Manager (requires Dock Manager on the clients)

You can compare the few simple clicks required in LDA with the many steps outlined in our System Update Suite and MEM: Part 1 Creating the Apps and System Update Suite and MEM: Part 2 Configuring and Deploying Apps articles.

There are also a few Custom Collections that you can select to have LDA create for you so you can create collections of your ThinkPad, ThinkCentre, or ThinkStation devices. 

You can install LDA on your workstation where you also have the CM console version 2010 or higher installed. This is required because LDA leverages the CM PowerShell module to automate the tasks in the CM environment. 

When you first launch LDA, you specify your connection details for your CM Site Server. You also specify a network share where the source content for the packages can be kept. There will be a database file used by LDA created on the network share which allows your instance of LDA to have visibility to content generated by other admins using LDA in the same environment. 

 Lenovo Deployment Assistant will be available this Fall 2021. Contact your Lenovo Sales representative if interested.

For a sneak preview of the product, there is a video walkthrough below.

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