Deploying Lenovo Settings For Enterprise With Intune

Note: Settings for Enterprise is no longer being developed.  Vantage for Enterprise is now the recommended application.

This post introduces Lenovo Settings for Enterprise, a new application that allows users to change hardware settings on Lenovo PCs, along with walking through how to deploy the app to Windows 10 devices in your organization with Intune.

Lenovo Settings is not available through the MS Business Store so you'll need to download the application from here 
Contained in the zip is a deployment guide along with Lenovo provided scripts to assist with installing and configuring the Lenovo Settings deployment.  The matrix below compares the features between Settings and Vantage.

Lenovo Settings
Lenovo Vantage
Hardware Settings
System Update

Lenovo WiFi Security

Diagnostic Hardware Scan

User Guide

Warranty & Service

Tips & Tricks

Apps & Offers

Vantage Assist

Cross Share

New features to be added in the future

(Note: Settings and Vantage can't be installed on the same system so you'll need to decide which app best fits your needs.)

Step 1 – Upload the APPX Bundle to Intune

  1. Click Mobile Apps
  2. Click Apps
  3. Click Add and choose the Line-of-Business app App type
  4. Click App package file and specify the Appxbundle located under the LenovoSettings_4.10.49.0\Discovery_4.10.49.0 directory.  Once uploaded, you'll see the dependencies that were detected.  These, however, are only applicable to Arm and x86 devices so you can disregard.

Step 2 – Define App Information
You'll need to set the required app information and decide whether or not to display it as a featured app in the Company Portal.

For the notes section, I simply added the URL of the landing page for the Vantage/Settings Application and uploaded the Settings Logo

Step 3 – Assign the Application
In this example, I'm assigning the application as available for all users and enrolled devices.

On the client system, launch the Company Portal app and you'll see it now advertised as a new app to install.