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Preparing the TPM for BitLocker Pre-Provisioning in Windows 10 for Think products using SCCM

We have received several inquiries from customers who are moving to Windows 10 that are trying to leverage BitLocker and pre-provisioning during OSD.  Pre-provisioning the disk will encrypt only used space, so when this step executes, the drive will be encrypted before the operating system has been laid down to the client, saving a ton of time.

The catch here is that in order for pre-provisioning to work, a TPM has to be present on the system AND enabled, as stated in the Pre-provision BitLocker step.

With that being said, all Lenovo ThinkPad's with Discrete TPM 1.2 are shipped from the factory with the TPM enabled but NOT Active.  Systems with TPM 2.0 only should already be Enabled.  If the system runs through a deployment without activating the TPM in BIOS, pre-provisioning will not work.  If you review the OSDOfflineBitlocker.exe section of the smsts.log, you'll see the failure

Here's how to activate the TPM on newly shipped systems with Discrete TPM 1.2 in a few simple st…

ThinkPad X1 Yoga Dark/Black Screen Issues

ThinkPad X1 Yoga: First 2-in-1 with OLED screen
OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) displays are now coming to the ThinkPad X1 Yoga line. These displays offer a wider color range, deeper blacks for which they are well known for, and infinite contrast. As with most new technology, these displays also come with the need for a specific device driver. This panel driver is what allows the graphics subsystem to control elements such as screen brightness.
Problem Summary:Beginning in May of 2016 we added to the X1 Yoga driver pack the PanelDriver.inf for support of our OLED displays on this model. Recently we began to receive feedback in regards to the non-OLED models that either the display brightness keys (F5/F6) do not work to change the brightness or by upgrading to the latest version of the Intel HD Graphics 520 Driver (, the screen will go extremely dim or completely black. The only way to get around this issue and view the contents of the screen is to plug in an external m…

Changes Required to Use Thin Installer v1.2.0022 in "Portable" Scenario

Why is Thin Installer not installing these updates??If you happen to use Thin Installer in your OS deployment process to install Lenovo drivers and utilities you may be experiencing issues getting certain packages to install.  If you check your Thin Installer log file you may see something like: Severe 2017-03-04 , 07:19:57 at Tvsu.Gur.GUR2.GetInstalledVersion(Boolean& showflag) Message: Error get installed version Exception: Message: Cannot start service winmgmt on computer '.'. Type: System.InvalidOperationException at System.ServiceProcess.ServiceController.Start(String[] args) at System.ServiceProcess.ServiceController.Start() at Tvsu.Util.Tools.RestartWMIService() at Tvsu.Util.VersionUtilities.GetVersionAndDateByFullPnPID(String pnpID, StringBuilder version, StringBuilder date) at Tvsu.Util.VersionUtilities.GetVersionAndDateByPnPID(String pnpID, StringBuilder version, StringBuilder date) at Tvsu.Gur.GUR2.GetInstalledVersion(Boolean& showf…