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Deploy Lenovo ThinkCentre, ThinkPad, and ThinkStation BIOS by Custom WinPE

In this blog post, we are updating a previous post that only covered ThinkPad.  We have included updated scripting and information to cover ThinkCentre and ThinkStation as well.
Upgrading BIOS versions and getting consistency in an environment can provide unique challenges across an organization.  This blog post will lay out a possible process for putting together a custom WinPE boot WIM file to deploy a BIOS upgrades to current ThinkCentre, ThinkPad, and ThinkStation products.
Overview of the solution:Setup the server side folder structureFoldersLogsBIOS FoldersBIOS update filesPowershell scriptConfigure the WinPE.wim fileAdd necessary optional componentsAdd necessary drivers to the boot imageEdit the StartNet.cmd file in the WinPE.wim file.Setup the server side folder structureBeginning with the server side folder structure, create a new share (or use an existing share with appropriate permissions) on a server.  In that share, create a folder called BIOSVersions.  Inside BIOSVersions,…

The Think BIOS Config tool

For a while now Lenovo’s business-class ThinkPad, ThinkCentre and ThinkStation products have offered a WMI BIOS Interface for controlling BIOS settings through scripting.  This was a big improvement over the old DOS-based utilities that were unique per model.  Now everything needed to make changes in settings during a deployment is built into the machine. 

A downside to the WMI approach has been that you have to be fairly skilled with scripting to make use of it and you have to know all the values of the settings you want to set.  In our lab we constantly felt the need for a GUI interface that would show us the current settings, what their possible values are, and allow us to set them on a local or remote machine.  While we were at it we also wanted a solution that would allow us to create a profile of settings that we could apply via command line in a deployment task sequence.

And that’s why we created the Think BIOS Config tool.  It has been created as an HTA so the source code is fr…